Friday, October 27, 2017

2018 activities and reveals

Activities and challenges – Naperville Modern Quilters – 2018

January 25         
Show and tell of Holiday gifts that are quilt or sewing related. REVEAL: Name tag/put a letter on it.    
February 22
Bring in 1930’s fabric, pattern to swap. 6.5” or 12.5” blocks.

March 22
Paper piecing demo by Natalie.

April 26
Zippers distributed, show previous zipper projects for inspiration REVEAL: 1930’s Blocks

May 24
Fingers crossed for Hand sewing demo. Discuss F Challenge.  REVEAL: Paper piecing project

June 28
Pockets, envelope demo by Kathy, discuss one color. REVEAL: Zipper project

July 26
Share how you catalog your quilts and favorite tool or notion

August 23
Bucket list, UFO dreams – inspire each other REVEAL: F Challenge

September 27
Glue Demo by Nan and Anita REVEAL: Pocket or envelope challenge

October 25
Bring in ideas for 2019 REVEAL: One color

December 6
Luggage tap swap  

  February 2019 reveal – Stuck on you

Ongoing idea for 2019
Quilting the blues

Fabric dyeing 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Twitter or Facebook for more up to date news

I have linked the Facebook page and the twitter page. That way if you are not on Facebook you can check twitter for updates.

This blog will have the yearly schedule updated each year.

Photos will not be posted.

Please join us on Facebook for all the news and photos.

Here is the link for twitter

Next post will be events for 2018

Schedule for 2017

Schedule for 2017

Every meeting will have Show and tell and starting in 2017, book reports on new quilting publications you want to recommend.

Thurs. Jan. 27, 2017 - Kathleen demonstrates painting, Holiday quilty gifts show and tell, distribute upcycled fabric. Any quilty book reports?

Thurs. Feb. 23 - Yvette demonstrates string piecing. Quilty book reports?

Thurs. March 23 - Reveal painting challenge. Kathy demonstrates deconstructing. Any quilt book reports?

April 27 - Upcycled fabric challenge reveal. Brainstorm about dime challenge. Book reports?

May 25 - Reveal string challenge. Book reports?

June 22 - Reveal deconstruct challenge. Brainstorm about personality challenge. Book r?

July 27 Show and tell your newest favorite tool or technique. Book r?

Aug 24 - Reveal dime quilting challenge. Brainstorm put a letter on it. Bk r?

Sept. 28 - Reveal personality challenge. BR? Discuss coaster exchange.

Oct. 26 - Reveal put a letter on it. Discuss plans for next year. Bring in your ideas. BR?

Dec. 7 - 4 coasters gift exchange

Ongoing list of ideas for 2018
Glue challenge
Put a flamingo on it

Saturday, September 17, 2016

3 more meetings in 2016

We have 3 meetings left for 2016. 

If there are topics you would like to see covered in 2017, be sure to let someone know.

2 more challenge reveals

September 22 - Piecelique challenge reveal 

October 27 - Slash and insert challenge reveal

December 1 - Holiday banner exchange due

September Challenge

Anita did a fabulous presentation on Piecelique and handed out these helpful sheets.

August Show and Tell

Here are the pics from show and tell at the meeting in August.

August Challenge pics

Here are the pics from the orphan block challenge revealed at the August meeting.