Saturday, April 25, 2015

Schedule Changes and Volunteers to run Meetings

At our April meeting I asked if there would be members willing to run the meetings. Catherine and Cheryl launched us and have guided us but have so many ongoing commitments in the larger sewing world that we needed new people to start the meetings, decide what order that segments would go in, etc. We will always be grateful for their guidance these past years and hope to see them at future meetings when they have a break in their schedules.

Luckily we had two members who volunteered! Yay!

Yvette and Anita will be co-leaders of the meetings!

I (Kathy) will continue to do the blog and Facebook pictures and announcements.

And everyone will help to make the group fun and challenging.

While we were discussing the future of the group we decided to mix up the remainder of the schedule and extend some deadlines.

May 28 - Receive fabric for misprint fabric challenge. (Thanks Catherine!)


  •   Time to swap magazines or get your first one if you missed April's meeting
  •   Cut your own 2.5" strips if you missed the strip swap in April - Due in October
  •   Reminder that 6.5 inch blocks are due June 25. Ten blocks from each participant. This is the only challenge that really needs a commitment. 

June 25 - Ten 6.5" blocks due! (We will swap and make quilts for September

  • Still time to grab a magazine for What's Old is New Again
  • Cut your own 2.5" strips if you missed the strip swap in April - Due in October
July 23 - No Challenge due - work on block quilts due in September

  • Sewtopia report from from Sharon was so much fun that we want more
  • Report on Grand Hotel Annual Spring Needle Art Seminar from Kathy
  • Report on Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival from Kathy
August 27 - Colors of the Decades presentation by Kathy

  • When do we want colors of Decade Challenge due, or do we?
  • Still time to grab a magazine for What's Old is New Again challenge
  • Cut your own 2.5" strips if you missed strip swap in April
  • Block quilts due in September
September 24 - Block swap Quilts (or tops) Reveal

  • Reports on Summer quilt activities?
  • Still time to grab magazine for What's Old challenge due in February
  • Strip challenge due next Month
October 22 - Strip Challenge Reveal

  • Reports on recent quilt activities
  • Bring ideas for next year's meetings
  • Still time to grab/swap magazine for What Old is new Challenge in February
  • Need misprint fabric? Challenge is due in March
December 3 - Holiday Swap - Candle Rugs

  • Final chance for magazine - What's Old is New reveal February
  • Misprint Fabric challenge due in March

Show and Tell from April 23, 2015

We have the most talented members!

Jane's hexagon quilt - so great!

Stephanie made this fabulous bat at Sewtopia, don't you love it?

Stephanie also did this curved piecing top. I adore the fabrics and want to learn how to make one!

Stephanie is so cutting edge with her succulent mini quilt with Crimson Tate fabric on the back. Love it!

Anita made this wonderful diagonal quilt with charm pack sized pieces and grey. I want to make this also!

Anita made this stunner with strips and two layers of quilting. Fabulous!

Yvettte had sew much fun making pillows! This square was cleverly designed to use stripes. 

Yvette used half square triangles and math, yes MATH to make this match all the way around. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Naperville Members and their quilts from International Quilt Festival Chicago

Friends in Troubled Waters by Kathy Mathews

Friends pulling Together by Jennifer Beatty

Friends come in all Shapes and Sizes by Nancy Niswander

Circle of Friends by Maureen Berry 

Chosen 3 Friends Modern Friendship by Catherine Redford

Touchpoints by Joan Chao

Section Line Stars by Anita Marsh

Make New Friends by Yvette Thorn

It's all about the Stars by Sharon Maroni

Extended Friendship Star by Nancy Lindberg

Wetttersysteme by Cheryl Sleboda

Stars in the Night Sky by Joan Vargovcik Der

Modern Friendship is also by Catherine Redford 

April 23, 2015

April 23rd is our next meeting!
Make sure to bring 10 to 12 two and a half inch strips to swap.
We will also be starting on our What's Old is New inspired challenge with the old magazines.
And finally a remind that the 10 to 12 six and a half inch blocks are due on June 25 for a swap.