Sunday, April 3, 2016

2016 schedule - April to December

2016 - Schedule for April to December
April 28 - What’s your favorite gadget discussion (and Seth) 

May 26 - Orphan block or favorite blocks activity. Anita demo.

June 23 – Modern Crazy Quilt challenge reveal and discuss holiday banner exchange due in December 

July 28 - How to plan to go on a retreat discussion (revisit Piecelique due in September) 

August 25 - How time is organized at home discussion (discuss slash and insert due October)

September 22 - Piecelique challenge reveal 

October 27 - Slash and insert challenge reveal

December 1 - Holiday banner exchange due

Show and tell - March 24

Show and tell quilts

1. Anita Marsh - asymmetrical crooked stars bed quilt
2. Anita Marsh - Fibonacci blocks
3. Kathy Curtis - African print quilt
4. Kathy Curtis - African print quilt with appliques (quilt & close-up)
5. Tracy Husch Lissack - chevron quilt
6. Tracy - tshirt quilt (quilt & close-up)
7. Tracy - red, blue, & yellow quilt top
8. Yvette Thorn - quilt with curvy shapes
8. Yvette   - pink quilt top

Challenge quilt reveal - March 24th

Our challenge was to use a misprinted fabric and use it in such a way that it was not recognizable.
5 members took up the challenge.

Nan's baby quilt

Kathy's table runner

Yvette's placemat

Nancy's quilt

Anita's quilt

Great job everyone!

Change to schedule

Anita Marsh is going to be doing a demonstration on how she does these types of strips in her quilt. She will do this at our May Meeting!
It will be fabulous!

February 25 Challenge and Show and tell