Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jan 22nd is next meeting

Our next meeting is Thursday, January 22nd.

We will discuss the "Everything old is new again" challenge and the June 6.5 inch block swaps.

We need people to step up for demonstrations.
Feb 26 - Strip swap discussion
March 26 - Meet at Quilt show
April 23 - Quilt show discussion and swap strips
May 28 - Misprinted fabric challenge launched
June 25 - Swap 6.5 inch blocks, quilts due in September
July 23 - Everything old is new again challenge due.
August 27 - Decades discussion led by Kathy Mathews
                    Decades challenge begins
Sept 24 - Block swap quilts reveal
Oct 22 - Photo swap challenge
Dec 3 - Holiday swap - candle rugs

Who else wants to lead a discussion, do a demo and help the group?

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